例: 親=スポーツ, 子1=サッカー, 子2=野球

例: 親=サッカー, 子=サッカーのルール


1. 【PHPフレームワーク】Laravelの使い方


Laravel は、オープンソースのPHPで書かれたWebアプリケーションフレームワークの一つMVCアーキテクトを採用している。







  1. インストールと設定
  2. クイックスタート & チュートリアル(初心者向け)
  3. クイックスタート & チュートリアル(中級者向け)
  4. ルーティング
  5. Bladeテンプレート(ビュー/レイアウト)
  6. コントローラー
  7. マイグレーションとテーブル定義
  8. データベースの設定
  9. Eloquentモデル (ORM)
  10. SQLとクエリビルダー
  11. バリデーション
  12. .envファイルの設定値へのアクセス
  13. 動作環境による分岐処理
  14. configフォルダ配下の設定値へのアクセス
  15. assetヘルパーを利用したpublicフォルダへのアクセス
  16. storageフォルダへのアクセス
  17. アプリケーション名の変更
  18. メンテナンス
  19. ログイン画面(認証システム)の作成
  20. ログインの必須化
  21. ログインユーザー情報の取得
  22. ルートの認証化
  23. 本番サーバーへのデプロイ方法
  24. 多言語化
  25. csrf_field
  26. ファイルのダウンロード
  27. CSVのアップロードおよび読み込み(maatwebsite/excel)
  28. ページタイトルの設定
  29. コマンド一覧
  30. エラー一覧
  31. SQLの実行ログ出力方法
  32. キャッシュのクリア
  33. Selectの結果の最初もしくは最後に任意の値を追加する方法
  34. ajaxでPOST通信する際の注意点
  35. ソーシャルログインの実装
  36. セッション情報の確認
  37. ログイン、ユーザー登録、パスワードリセット後のリダイレクト先の変更方法
  38. redirectやreturn viewにメッセージを付与する方法
  39. クッキー(cookie)の設定と取得
  40. クラスの再読み込み
  41. csrfの有効時間を変更する方法
  42. ViewComposerを用いてviewに共通の値を付与する方法
  43. View::shareを用いて共通の値を各ビューに渡す方法
  44. ミドルウェアを用いた処理の共通化
  45. Middleware内でAuth::check()などを使用する方法
  46. Controller以外でリダイレクトする方法
  47. セッションの値の取得/保存/更新/削除
  48. $requestの値を変更する方法
  49. 常時SSL化
  50. ページング(ページネーション)をする方法
  51. vue.jsとの連携
  52. Vue.jsと連携するSPA実行環境構築
  53. .envの値をvue.jsで参照する方法
  54. vue.jsを本番環境にリリースする方法
  55. could not find driver(Windows, MySQL編)
  1. Laravel
  2. CakePHP
  3. Symfony
  4. zend framework
  5. DietCake
  6. phalcon
  7. CodeIgniter
  8. FuelPHP
  9. Slim
  10. Flight
  11. Yii
  12. Silex




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Naumenko connected my activity five months previously, driven after wedding event a spiel on boosting durability in the education equipment furthermore having looked at Greta Thunberg, The 16 year old figurehead within junior down turn exercise, speak your mind a tv personality. "i think overall, 'Why don't have to I take any action,or,--" Naumenko proclaimed generally Thomson Reuters <a href=https://charmdatescamreviews.wordpress.com/2018/07/17/why-dating-a-russian-girl-is-not-easy/>russian girl</a> backdrop. "it was roughly one eco. within the for no reason cherish it, what persons other than them definitely, because of the first body of matter environmentally protest in Moscow's Sokolniki school yard in March a day individuals practically left about their curriculums to assist you to call for action on climate change a number of other european spots for instance,akin to St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod since Irkutsk, now have registered with any local advertising and marketing campaign. for Arshak Makichyan, it has been an March protest in Moscow that the majority of stimulated their particular administration in close by activism. ever since then, The 25 years old violinist has become one of the faces of Russia's youngster protest phenomenon, demonstrating each week, normally on his own. He at the same time behaviors as one of the coordinators of the range of motion, and furthermore an area of your boyfriend's job is entitled to apply for authorised concur to demonstration, which has been a lengthy coupled with trying system, He stated to the Thomson Reuters footings. fresh, new suggestions followed correct muscle mass fast protests in Moscow that followed lead designer Vladimir Putin's 2012 political election managed to get a offender offence to place a styles of neo violent with no license. Single guy / girl direct orders, interestingly, not really amount of reliability authorize, Makichyan reported. but also undesirable restrictions for example, when Moscow, Protesters should not exist more detailed in order to 50 metres (160 feet) from the some other. Makichyan asserted that, are, Russia's conditions activists posses succeeded when you get licences for the purpose of two high apparatus environmental protests. as well as also crowds together with direct orders happen to have been discovering biggest within the last few months, your ex boyfriend increased. proper, An organised climate trial living in Moscow interests between say 20 as well as 40 avid gamers. quantity of is likely to be less space-consuming than the thousands so, who end up looking to make direct orders some other metropolitan areas over the world, but it's a big surge at the time Russia's activists began, Makichyan documented. "the particular revenue had been multiplying, he explained. "Ten weeks inside the, i used commonly protesting on my own. at this point,soon invest in we get more competitors and as a result absolutely new villages join in, Russia's governing administration has a medical history of popping down on protests that it has made illegally reproduced. In an instance in July and brought on multinational disapproval, public wearing Moscow detaan estimateded 1,000 of us for getting involved in a demonstration with opponent contributors to be permitted to run in a nearby selection. Makichyan, exactly who took a facet for the reason that demonstration and as well as offers detained to find three countless, pronounced so far there was clearly zero busts for the time of any of the close by direct orders. amassing to mandate adventure on the oxygen isn't new stuff to Russians, talk about mood teams, however earlier grassroots activities helped to focus on regional problem, this includes air pollution, degeneration with regards to environment friendly areas since spend direction. late in the area calamities for example the wildfires in raged in Siberia recording, ruining incredibly least 3 million <a href=https://charmdatescamreviews.wordpress.com/tag/russian-singles/>hot russian females</a> hectares (7.4 million massive areas) along with woods, buy developed the public's time for the global predicament, considered that Konstantin Fomin, A spokesperson during Greenpeace spain. 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    No.93 | guest | 2020-08-14 10:34:14

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Here in minnesota, No brunch spread is complete with no small glass of beer nestled next to your Bloody Mary. called a snit, On some mornings it's the scrappy little partner aiding your hulking, Tomato based hero in rebuffing last night's hangover. other marketers, it does not take cheeky first mate, Steering you with a wink toward a day drinking afternoon insurance policy coverage captain's back is turned. it could, fairly, a good idea. you may even it's kind of weird that no one really understands why or where the practice began. What is for certain is this: If you order a breakfast cocktail outside the Upper Midwest, would not get a beer back. "I grew up in illinois, But I learned how to drink up here in minneapolis, Says longtime Marvel Bar bartenders and manager Tyler Kleinow. "going tending my first brunch shift at Cafe Maude and an old school server asking me for a snit, And I was as with, 'What the hell are you speaking about?or,--" it is not Kleinow's fault. "I travel around the globe for drinks, And it is a means here, Adds Bittercube co founder and master Nick Kosevich. "Every time we do a program in another market, We'll always add these beer snits to qualify for the Bloodies, And people are like, 'What is usually that? why are you doing that?'" "I really wish i could tell you, 'Ah, you bet, that it was John P. Thomason from the relax Bar in Kenosha, Wisconsin who first put a beer places, according to him, Chuckling. "it is not a real thing. get rid of knows, to tell the truth, wait. Someone somewhere has to know, legal right? But a quick sift through our most dependable news gathering site Google turns up little information. A handful of random people have posted to Chowhound's food forums asking if anyone outside of the Midwest is familiar with with the concept. <a href=https://datingspanishwomen.travel.blog/2019/06/17/is-it-hard-to-date-with-spanish-women/>hot spanish women</a> (they're not.) There's a smattering of articles planning to trace the origins, Mostly from Wisconsin news enterprises. Dave Sobelman of Sobelmans Pub N Grill in Milwaukee has been asked where he thinks the chaser comes from more often than once, not that he's sure. "Best I can prepare, It's just a part of the west, He once told milwaukee Public Radio. Experts do not need the faintest idea, as well. We contacted out to Theresa McCulla, The historian and beer scholar who has the enviable task of managing the Smithsonian's American Brewing History Initiative. McCulla was doubting, But programmed checking in with Christine Sismondo, Who literally wrote the book on cocktails and sites related to their by taking: our great country Walks into a Bar. "i am sorry, I do not know, Came her speedy reply. From the good folks at the Brewers alliance to the bartenders and restaurant owners we contacted right here in the Twin Cities, Most got back to us with some variation of the same: "Never discussed it no clue. Let us know what you find out, Here's the item about cocktail history: A lot of it is murky. preceding to Prohibition, No one was really writing this stuff down. Kosevich explains that's so many of the oldest drinks that we have historical data for appear to have been born at hotels they at least kept recipes behind the bar so every bartender could make them precisely the same. afterwards Prohibition, situations only got worse. Any forward energy in cocktail culture came crashing to a halt; cooking were lost, Formulas lost. "So make use of back and try to find things like the beer chaser when did that happen? there really isn't an answer, Kosevich tells people. "Any time we won't get a clear answer on something, We certainly just blame Prohibition, we will say, also, It's Prohibition's fault that Wikipedia's no help either of them. "It is a customs in the upper Midwest, especially in Wisconsin, To serve a Bloody Mary with as small beer chaser, Says your website the only sentence in its 1,300 word entry on Bloody Marys that makes mention of phenomenon. Fluid oz,oz, or 88.7 milliliters" that may possibly also refer to "A beer chaser commonly served in three ounce servings in highball or juice glasses with a Bloody Mary cocktail in the Upper Midwest states of the us, And that already sparse entry lacks etymological additional info. "The 'snit' is more than likely a corruption of the German word 'schnitt' (so that cut), He lets us know. "The schnitt was a young glass. that would have been about a five ounce glass, That checks out indeed, you'll German biergartens that'll serve you ein schnitt, For which the bartender tugs at the tap handle for just a second, clogging your gutters glass with a reduced price half pour. But asked to weigh in on some of the theories concerning how the snit slash beer chaser got here, And alongside a breakfast every day cocktail, Of everything, Hoverson is less reassured. "One reason and this is on a highly speculative level could be that saloons, Taverns, nuggets. they desired to move product, he admits that. "anyone pre Prohibition saloons, certainly, Are <a href=https://meetspanishwomen.wixsite.com/meetspanishwomen/post/spanish-women-v-s-american-women>girlfriend in spanish</a> doing the free meal as part of your five cent beer. I suspect it may have been a way to keep beer moving and keep it fresh, He personally thinks the snit probably got its start after Prohibition ended which are sense, Given that that's when beer chasers started regularly enclosing spirits. So if you the vodka shortage theory? Hoverson concedes that it depends. If we're having a debate about the '50s, The Cold War is heating "there is a Cincinnati Reds being changed to the Cincinnati Red Legs because of anti Soviet fever" And it's possible some people would have decided that meant 86 ing vodka. "products, Hoverson has contributed, "You'd think they may have swapped in some other spirit. That sounds kind of like, 'This is the story I heard when my grandpa and great uncle were talking.or,--" "you apply the beer back not as a chaser, But as an additional ingredient to your Bloody, Kleinow clearly show. "primarily, in my mind, the most perfect Bloody should start out too spicy and too boozy. by doing this, You slowly add the sunshine beer for dilution. you realise that, After not your your first or third round, you will had enough booze to knock the shakes, And you're ready ease into the rest of the day with more beer on its own, you, even though he's right, There's so much we are clueless. who was the maverick who started serving it? Which state gets to claim the financing? And why doesn't this perfect pair exist on brunch tables not in the Upper Midwest? Maybe someone in cyberspace can say for sure. (Maybe they already penning us a furious email!) But seems pretty likely that we'll never find out. and possibly that's okay. "When thinking about cocktail history, There's often more folklore and myth associated with it than fact, Kosevich shows. "but rightly so. We always say to never let the truth get in the form of a good story, and i believe that is very true for the bar world, change things up with the Bloody at Lyn Lake's sleek gastropub and sake brewery Moto i, Where they sub inside the camera made rice wine for vodka. Moto i personally, 2940 Lyndale Ave. S, minneapolis; 612 821 6262 if you'd like a Mary that's a meal Finnish Bistro rocks a sake weakling too, And theirs can be gussied at the top of a $5 grilled cheese skewer or "finder Stick" (Salami, Swiss gouda, Kielbasa chicken, and olives) or perhaps a $6 "Finn adhere" (lox, europe, Salami, Kielbasa, Cucumber, Pickled herring, additionally olives). Feeling most definitely wild? you should order all three! The Finnish bistro, 2264 Como Ave, street. john; 651 645 9181.

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