Carlos Sainz wins the Australian Grand Prix in Formula One following Max Verstappen's retirement
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During the Australian Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc finished in first and second place for Ferrari, while Max Verstappen's dominance in Formula One came to a halt.

On the second lap, Sainz passed the world champion's Red Bull to take the lead. However, the Dutchman was forced to withdraw due to a brake issue after only four laps.

When Leclerc passed Lando Norris of McLaren during the first pit stop period, the Spaniard took control of the race and continued to dominate it.

After George Russell was involved in an accident, the race was stopped with a virtual safety car in place.

In the penultimate lap of the race, the Mercedes driver was attempting to catch Fernando Alonso's Aston Martin for sixth place. However, he lost control of the vehicle at Turn Six, which resulted in an accident. The car came to a stop on its side, and it was held up in the air by landing on its left front wheel. Russell did not sustain any injuries.

Following the conclusion of the race, Alonso and Russell were summoned to the stewards in response to allegations that the Spaniard had applied the brakes twice before the bend, and then re-engaged the throttle in the middle of the two stops.

It was a challenging conclusion to a day that was depressing for Mercedes, on which their place as also-rans was apparently reaffirmed. Lewis Hamilton exited from the race after 16 laps due to an engine issue.

Norris guided Oscar Piastri to a McLaren three-four ahead of Sergio Perez of Red Bull, who remained anonymous on a day in which he was unable to capitalize on Verstappen's exit.

Sainz is completely in command.

In front of a record crowd of 132,106 people in Melbourne, and a weekend high of 452,055 people, Sainz was in imperious form. This was just 16 days after he had surgery to remove his appendix, which caused him to miss the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

The 29-year-old driver, who has been describing the "weird" sensation of "everything in the inside just feels like it's moving more than normal" following his operation, followed Verstappen around the opening lap of the race. After Verstappen made a mistake at Turn Three on the second lap, Sainz was able to pass the Red Bull down the winding'straight' to Turns Nine and 10. This allowed Sainz to win the race.

Almost immediately, Verstappen went on the radio to announce that he had "lost the rear - weird," and it was not long before it became clear why he had done so.

After completing one lap, he uttered the following words over the radio: "The car is loose." In addition, a lap after that, smoke began to seep out of the right rear wheel of his vehicle.

When Verstappen slowed down, a clump of material fell out of his wheel and onto the grass as he entered the pit lane. His brakes were now on fire, and he was also entering the pit lane.

As a demonstration of the success that Red Bull has had over the past two years, this was his first retirement since this race, which took place two years ago.

Sainz was able to maintain his power over the race as a result of this, and he never gave any hint that he would let it slip away from him.

Last year, Sainz was the only driver who did not compete for Red Bull to win a race. He did it in Singapore, where he triumphed in a race that ended with him holding off a train of cars that included Norris, Lewis Hamilton, and Russell.

Now he has become the one who would put an end to Verstappen's prospects of matching his own record of winning ten consecutive races. This is despite the fact that he began the season with the knowledge that he would lose his seat at Ferrari at the conclusion of the season at the beginning of the third race.

From the very beginning of the qualifying session, Sainz had Leclerc's race under control, and he was never in danger of losing the race.

He was able to gain an advantage by taking advantage of the fact that Leclerc was unable to catch up to Norris during the first stint.

On the ninth lap, Ferrari pulled Leclerc in for a relatively early stop in order to undercut him and pass Norris. This plan was successful when the McLaren stopped five laps later and emerged behind the Ferrari.

On the sixteenth lap, Sainz made his first stop and exited just one second ahead of his teammate. He gradually built up an advantage that eventually reached over nine seconds before Leclerc made his second stop later in the race.

It was a bright day for McLaren, but not for Perez.

McLaren had a successful weekend despite the fact that Norris was unable to do anything to stop the Ferraris from crossing the finish line.

On the other hand, this was not the case for Perez, who voiced his displeasure with Red Bull's choice to give him a lengthy run during his initial stint.

Although Perez was able to pass Russell and Alonso, he was unable to make much headway against the McLarens who were in front of him on a day that will not do much to increase his chances of keeping his position at Red Bull for the year 2025.

As a result of Russell's accident, Mercedes was forced to abandon their race in Australia, and Lance Stroll of Aston Martin was moved up to seventh place, ahead of Yuki Tsunoda of Red Bull Racing and Nico Hulkenberg and Kevin Magnussen of Haas.

After a severe crash on Friday, Alex Albon was given his teammate Logan Sargent's Williams for the weekend. Despite this, he finished eleventh, as the Haas drivers were simply too strong for him to pass in his pursuit of a point.